Colon Hydrotherapy

A highly trained colon hygienist will nurture you through this key modality. We practice the highest standards in sanitation and disposable products are always used. Our equipment is revolutionary in safety & technology and FDA registered.

Recommended preparation is no food for 2 hours prior and no liquid for 1 hour.
Clients often experience positive changes in the following:

● Energy Level
● Brain Function
● Bloating/Gas
● Joint Pain
● Allergies
● Constipation
● Digestion
● Skin Condition
● Depression
● Insomnia
● Irritability
● Weight changes
● Memory
● Mood
● Overall Well Being

Oklahoma Colonic is NOT a Medical Clinic. We do not claim to cure any disease or condition. Melissa Ammons, colon hydrotherapist and owner of Oklahoma Colonic, is NOT a doctor and she serves only in the spirit of naturopathic support to assist those individuals seeking assistance with colon cleansing in spa setting.

Photo Elmo Wills and Melissa Ammons, 1988

This business is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Elmo Lee Wills, a naturopath who instilled in me an appreciation for healing the way God and nature intended. Oklahoma Colonic will serve to carry on the memory of his legacy.

Oklahoma Colonic

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