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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. A late arrival will deprive you of treatment time as we end all appointments on time to respect the next scheduled guest. Please give 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

We value our time together. To ensure the highest level of service, we ask that all appointments be rescheduled or cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours.

How to Prepare
For maximum results, we advise that you do not eat within 1-2 hours of your scheduled start time. It is best to avoid consuming meat, cheese, bread or sugar for 24 hours before your visit when possible.

Health Information
To ensure customized treatments, each client must complete a general health intake form during their first visit. The form is here on the website for your convenience and we encourage you to fill it our prior to coming for your appointment; however, paper forms are available in the office for you to fill out if you prefer. Please inform us of any medical conditions or special needs prior to your scheduled appointment.

Draping and Comfort
Undress to your comfort level. Top or Shirt can always stay on and we will provide a gown or shorts designed for colon irrigation. Your comfort and care is of our greatest concern and priority. You will also be covered in a bath sheet during your session. Please let us know if we can assist you further in finding your comfort level. Feedback is always welcome.

For your safety and ours, we take all universal sanitation precautions necessary and use the finest methods in sterilization.

We Are Here

Photo Elmo Wills and Melissa Ammons, 1988

This business is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Elmo Lee Wills, a naturopath who instilled in me an appreciation for healing the way God and nature intended. Oklahoma Colonic will serve to carry on the memory of his legacy.

Oklahoma Colonic Colon hydro-therapy in central Oklahoma

NOW OPEN! Please note address as we have moved!

6450 Paddock Circle Guthrie, Ok 73044